A Ring and a Prayer

Several years ago, shortly after my dad passed away, my mom moved to San Diego to help serve at Canvas Church. She wanted to occupy her time with serving God and moving to San Diego seemed like a good fit.

Upon arriving in San Diego she lived with us for the first month, which my daughters absolutely loved! The girls had grandma all to themselves and thought they would show her around town (as much as a 6 and 8 year old can). One of their favorite places that they wanted to take Grandma to was a little place they called “no wave beach” at Mission Bay. It is the bay and therefore had no waves so the name seems logical, right? They really liked this spot not only because it had no waves but because there was a little sand island they could swim out to where they would build sandcastles and play.

I will never forget the day we took the girls and their grandma to no wave beach for the first time. My girls had grandma doing everything with them. She swam with them, kicked on the boogie board and even went out to that little sand island and built sandcastles with them for hours! It was quite a sight to behold, my 74 year old mom building sandcastles with my 2 little daughters!

Our time ended at the beach with smiles and laughter. We loaded everything up and headed for home. As we pulled up to our place to unload everything our smiles and laughter were interrupted with a big gasp as my mom started to cry. I had no clue what was happening, so I just put my hand on her arm and asked her what was wrong. With tears in her eyes she said, “my wedding ring, it’s gone”. I could tell the pain of this was too much for her to bear as it had only been a year since my dad passed away. I looked in the review mirror at my wife and she did not even have to say a word. I could read every thought my wife was thinking as she looked at me, “you better go back and find that ring”!

I dropped my family off and quickly made my way back to no wave beach. As I made the 15 minute drive to the bay I couldn’t help but think to myself, “I am never going to find that ring”. I know, I know, I am a pastor and I should have been faith-filled and calling upon God, believing I would find the ring. My prayer was not faith-filled however. As a matter of fact, my prayer sounded more like this, “God, I am never going to find that ring”. Once I arrived to the bay and looked for about 30 minutes my prayer was confirmed, I did not find the ring!

That drive back home was probably one of the worst drives ever. I thought to myself the whole time, “how am I going to tell my mom”. Once I arrived at home and shared with her the news, she was not surprised as she was certain I would not find it either. As I lay down that night, sad for my mom’s loss, I could only hear one voice that sounded distinctly like my wife’s say, “you are going to go back tomorrow and find that ring”. I could tell it was not open for conversation so I just agreed.

I got up early the next morning and headed out, bringing my daughters little goggles with me since I did not have my own pair. Arriving at the bay (once again) I did not care how silly I looked in those itty bitty goggles, I just really wanted to find my moms wedding ring. I slowly made my way out into the water and thought to myself, “this is ridiculous”! After looking in the water for about 5 minutes I stopped, looked up towards heaven and prayed, “God this is absurd, unless you come and tell me where this ring is I am never going to find it”. With that I heard a little voice inside my head say, “turn right, take 3 big paces and then look down in the water”. I chuckled and thought, “whatever” then did it. I turned, took 3 big paces and then stuck my face down in the water and there was my moms wedding ring about 4 feet under water lying on the sand in the bay! With great excitement I reached down and scooped it up. I could not wait to get home and show my mom!

My mom was standing in the kitchen as I walked in. I went straight over to her and said, “guess what”. She looked at me and saw that I was holding the ring out for her; overwhelmed with joy she nearly fainted in my arms. All of us were in a bit of shock as I retold the story I just shared with you.

I believe none of this would have been possible without that brief prayer I prayed to God. It was in that moment of desperation and crying out to Him that I was able to find this little treasure hidden at the bottom of the bay. I was reminded that day of something I had begun to take for granted: there is power in prayer!

At Canvas Church we believe so much in the power of prayer and that God shows us things in the moments of complete focus on Him that we designate two special times a year to have our whole church to pray together. One of those times starts this Sunday August 23rd and I would love for you to join us. We will be spending 21 days in focused prayer for our church, city, nation and world. I believe that as we dive into this time together that we are going to help uncover some hidden treasures in peoples lives just like I was able to do with my mom’s ring.

If you would like to join us you can learn more about it by clicking here.

Whether you join us for these 21 days or not I want to encourage you to look to God today in prayer and bring to him whatever your challenge is. I know that God will hear your prayer and I know that it will produce something amazing in your life.

Blessings & Dream Big,

Ben Brinkman

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